Soap Bundling Machine


soap Bundling machine

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  • Fully link ability to a soap wrapping machine/cartooning machine
  • Timing through MOTION CONTROLLER with HMI display
  • The speed of machine is Max. 40 packs per minute.
  • Servo controlled wrapper feed. Setting on HMI.
  • Mechanical maintenance free machine due to 8 axis servo system used.
  • Vacuum belts assisted wrapper guidance.
  • Adjustable height cut off unit. Setting by means of a hand wheel.
  • Stainless steel/ Poly carbonate guarding.
  • Operator’s control and HMI are on a swiveling pendant to allow the operator to operate from both sides of the machine.
  • Electrical safety is ensured by physically separating low voltage circuit from the power circuit.
  • No-product-no-Run interlock, accurate automatic print registration at high speeds.
  • Main motor AC Variable speed drive.
  • Web break-machine stop interlock
  • Easy change of collation size
  • Heavy distortion free structure
  • Full safety guarding with electrical interlocks.
  • Wheels for easymovability.
  • Complete 360 degree guarding with stainless steel and polycarbonate sheets
 Soap Bundling Machine
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