soap stamping Machine


Automatic Soap Stamper Machine

  • Centralized double frame Mild Steel structure,
  • Fully automatic link up to bar cutter
  • Complete Full Servo Based Stamper no need any mechanical cam for working.
  • Machine is designed to give up to 40-50 cycle per minute (machine speed and accuracy is dependent of quality of packing material, soap size and its quality, uniform inflow of the product)
  • Recycle soap automatic
  • Digital temperature controls, Main motor AC Variable speed drive.
  • Phnumetic system used Festo Or Smc
  • Plc control all the function of stamper
  • 4, 6, 8 cavity stamper for high speed or high production
  • Machine load 12 kw approx.
  • Machine Weight 2 ton approx
  • Main Motor Hindustan 7.5 kw
Soap Stamping Machine
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